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Billy Meier's Mission

Billy's mission in his incarnation as a Prophet is to bring back the original teachings of past Prophets in their true form and wording.  His mission is not to start another religion or act as a peace maker for different countries but to bring the wisdom and knowledge of Creation and the Creative Laws and Commandments of Life which over many centuries and millennia have been corrupted, changed, re written, made into religious cults and even just deleted from our history.  For an analysis of Billy's mission I have looked into the very first contact he had with Sfath, the first contact person of the Plejaren and Semjase contact, also a Plejaren, with Billy.  See page "Human Visitors" - The Contact Persons and pages under "Creation"

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

Sfath Sfath
1. Eduard, listen very closely to what I have to say to you. 1. Eduard, höre sehr genau zu, was ich dir zu sagen habe.
2. It is not for no purpose, rather for certain reasons that our series of meetings has come about. 2. Nicht umsonst, sondern aus bestimmten Gründen haben sich die Aneinanderreihung unserer Begegnungen ergeben.
3. The grounds for the reasons lead back to determinations that lie very far back in the past and in accord with the measure to which you are arranged in a self-determined task during the time of your present life - as was repeatedly the case in your spiritual lineage of reincarnations in earlier life and in other personalities and bodies - in order to fulfill the mission of an announcer and bring the whole of humanity peace, true love, freedom, and unity as well as open, unencrypted knowledge of spiritual matters as well as wisdom and that which pertains to Creational laws. 3. Die Ursache der Begründung führt auf Bestimmungen zurück, die sehr weit in der Vergangenheit liegen und denen gemäss du während der Zeit deines gegenwärtigen Lebens einer durch dich selbst bestimmten Aufgabe eingeordnet bist, wie das in deiner geistigen Reinkarnationslinie in früheren Leben und in anderen Persönlichkeiten und Körpern wiederholend der Fall war, um die Mission eines Künders zu erfüllen und der ganzen Menschheit Frieden, wahrliche Liebe, Freiheit und Einheit sowie offenes, unverschlüsseltes Wissen der Geistesbelange und der schöpferischen Gesetzmässigkeiten sowie Weisheit zu bringen.
4. Because of some of these determinations which advance far into time, you have entered life as announcer of the truthful creational laws and directives and thus as prophet, whereby, however, you will first take up and fulfill your actual mission when the time has become ripe for that, and indeed with the date of January 28th, 1975. 4. Durch eigene dieser Zeit weit vorgehende Bestimmung bist du als Künder der wahrheitlichen schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote und also als Prophet ins Leben getreten, wobei du deine eigentliche Mission jedoch erst aufnehmen und erfüllen wirst, wenn die Zeit dafür reif geworden ist, und zwar mit dem Datum vom 28. Januar 1975.

English translation of "Sfath's Explanation" can be found HERE

First off here Sfath is explaining to Billy why he has contacted him.  Sfath explains that Billy's mission is the announcer of truth.  The mission involves "bring the whole of humanity peace, true love, freedom, and unity as well as open, unencrypted knowledge of spiritual matters as well as wisdom and that which pertains to Creational laws".  Sfath tells Billy that he has repeatedly done missions in former lives and that is why he has been chosen now as a Prophet.  Here Sfath mentions that Billy's time for the mission to be fore filled will be January 28, 1975.

We can verify this with the first contact note from Semjase.

Excerpt from "Contact Report 1" January 28, 1975 2:34 p.m.

You are a fearless human being.
I have learned to overcome fear and become objective.
I know. We have been studying you for years.
That's nice, and why?
Because through you we want to clarify some things.
Isn't anyone else suited for that purpose?
Certainly. But we've kept an eye on you because you have been preoccupied with these problems for thousands of years within other personalities and because you think and act in a real and honest way; and because you have already frequently carried out such a mission in your former lives, even though for us, great mysteries surround this fact.
Thanks for the "flowers" [colloq. German for compliments].
Do not mention it because you have earned it on your own merit.
Fine, but who are you, really?
Just call me "du" (informal German "you"), as I also do with you.
Thanks, but who are you?
I am called Semjase and I come from the Pleiades.

English translation of "Contact Report 1" can be found HERE

From this we can cross reference what is said by Semjase into what was said in the excerpt of "Sfath's Explanation".  Firstly the date is the same as mentioned in "Sfath's Explanation" and here Semjase tells Billy that through him they want to clarify some things.  Semjase then tells Billy here also that he has performed similar missions in former lives.

Excerpt from "Contact Report 1" January 28, 1975 2:34 p.m.

56. Creation itself never gives commands because it embodies the greatest power in this universe, and never has to resort to commands or religions.
57. Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb.
58. Bring this truth to the light of the world and make it known to the people.
59. This is an additional part of our task.
60. If this does not happen, mankind will slowly destroy itself and fall into complete "spiritual darkness" (darkness of the consciousness).

Here Semjase mentions part of Billy's mission. To bring the Truth of Creation to the world and that religions are used to command, suppress and exploit others.  She tells Billy that if this does not happen mankind will destroy itself and will fall spiritually.  So we can start to understand now one part of Billy's mission from Sfath and Semjase.

63. And as we know, you are writing a book about this text and about the real truth (Ein offenes Wort = An Open Word, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, Wassermannzeit-Verlag).
64. To us it seems to be the most important book ever written by a human being of your Earth, even though it is harsh in its language and will be met with hatred.
65. It finally offers the truth to the Earth humans, although it still contains some speculation.
66. It may finally destroy the madness of religion within many people or cause them at least to seriously ponder these matters.
67. It is an extraordinarily good piece of work and you should make it available to the people.

Here again Semjase mentions religions and that the book "An Open Word" which Billy is writing about the real truth may finally bring an end to the madness of religion on Earth.  So Billy has already started with the teachings of the truth before his contacts with Semjase.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

23. Your name is Eduard Albert Meier, and, as the value of your given name expresses, you are a "protector of the treasure", which in this case relates to the treasure of the teaching of the spirit, which you will learn in all things and will teach the humans. 23. Dein Name ist Eduard Albert Meier, und wie dein Rufname in seinem Wert zum Ausdruck bringt, bist du ein <Hüter des Schatzes>, was sich in diesem Fall auf den Schatz der Geisteslehre bezieht, die du in allen Dingen erlernen und den Menschen lehren wirst.
24. But you will not be called this name during your lifetime, because on a certain date in Teheran, in Persia, you will receive the name Billy, with which you will become known worldwide. 24. Du wirst aber nicht Zeit deines Lebens bei diesem Namen genannt werden, denn zu einem bestimmten Datum wirst du in Teheran, in Persien, den Namen Billy: erhalten, mit dem du in weltweiter Form bekannt werden wirst.
25. Also, the designation "BEAM" will arrive, which will come from the beginning letters of all your names, thus from Billy: Eduard Albert Meier. 25. Dazukommen wird die Bezeichnung <Strahl>, die sich aus den Anfangsbuchstaben all deiner Namen ergeben wird, so aus Billy: Eduard Albert Meier.

Here Sfath is fore telling Billy's future to him in regards his name and "Billy" which he is widely known for now.  Interestingly Sfath mentions that Eduard Albert Meier expresses that he is "Protector of the Treasure".  On the "His Life" page you can see that Elia prophesized that a prophet named Eduard will be born after Mohammed and will be "Guardian of the Treasure".   Protector and Guardian have the same meaning, Truth is the Treasure being Protected/Guarded.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

48. Constantly give everything that you are able to give, if the humans are ready to receive. 48. Gib stets alles, was du zu geben vermagst, wenn die Menschen bereit sind zu empfangen.
49. However never give more, in respect of the teaching, its knowledge and its wisdom, than the humans are capable of understanding and coping with. 49. Gib jedoch niemals mehr hinsichtlich der Lehre, ihres Wissens und ihrer Weisheit, als die Menschen fähig sind, alles zu verstehen und zu verkraften.
50. The rule proves that they always want to know more than their understanding can cope with, so, for that reason, be told that you should always teach and give away only as much knowledge and wisdom as is demanded by the immediate state of the humans' understanding. 50. Die Regel beweist, dass sie immer mehr wissen wollen, als ihr Verstand zu verkraften vermag, deshalb sei dir gesagt, dass du immer nur gerade soviel Wissen und Weisheit lehren und preisgeben sollst, wie der augenblickliche Stand des Verstehens der Menschen dies verlangt.
51. If the understanding and grasping of the actual truth climbs in regards to the learning material, then the new understanding can be expanded in its value and its details in accord with the teachings. 51. Steigt das Verstehen und Erfassen der tatsächlichen Wahrheit in bezug auf den Stoff des Lernens, dann kann dem neuen Verstehen gemäss die Lehre in ihrem Wert und in ihren Einzelheiten erweitert werden.
52. However, as a rule, this first comes about at the point in time when a correspondingly precise question is brought forward. 52. Dies jedoch ergibt sich in der Regel erst zu dem Zeitpunkt, wenn eine entsprechend präzisierte Frage vorgebracht wird

Here Sfath is telling Billy not to tell Earth Humans every part of the truth as we cannot cope with to much knowledge and wisdom of the truth.  We have not evolved enough spiritually to be able to comprehend all of the truths there is to be known.  However to this Billy is told that if a question arises that grants the truth then the truth should be told.  No lying about the truth.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

54. You stand in this life to teach the humans the truth of all truth, so the humans gain clarity and free themselves from the false teachings of the religions and their harmful consequences. 54. Du stehst in diesem Leben, um die Wahrheit aller Wahrheit den Menschen zu lehren, damit die Menschen Klarheit gewinnen und sich von den Irrlehren der Religionen und ihren Auswüchsen befreien.
55. Through the teaching of the spirit which you will teach and spread from 1975, the real truth and light should come to the humans, thereby fulfilling the Earth humans' deepest wishes for true love and freedom, and for peace and harmony. 55. Durch die Lehre des Geistes, die du ab 1975 lehren und verbreiten wirst, soll die wirkliche Wahrheit und Licht zu den Menschen kommen, damit sich der Erdenmenschen tiefste Wünsche nach wahrer Liebe und Freiheit, nach Frieden und Harmonie erfüllen.
56. For the teaching of the spirit, which has been the teaching of Nokodemion, Henock and all your earlier personalities since time immemorial, you should, as it was in all past times, as a reciprocal gift, only require a will to learn, love, peace, freedom, harmony, joy, industriousness, justice and humanity as well as humanness, not, however, any material things through which you could attain wealth, because if you want to acquire such, then you should create this through manual labor, not, however, by growing rich through the teaching. 56. Für die Lehre des Geistes, die von alters her die Lehre Nokodemions, Henoks und all deiner früheren Persönlichkeiten ist, sollst du, wie es zu allen vergangenen Zeiten war, als Gegengabe nur Lernwillen, Liebe, Frieden, Freiheit, Harmonie, Freude, Fleiss, Gerechtigkeit und Menschlichkeit sowie Menschsein verlangen, nicht jedoch irgendwelche materiellen Dinge, durch die du zu Reichtum gelangen könntest, denn wenn du solchen erwerben willst, dann sollst du diesen durch deiner Hände Arbeit schaffen, nicht jedoch indem du dich durch die Lehre bereichern würdest.
57. It will indeed be required that you can also finance your livelihood, for which reason you must take it upon yourself that you have, through regulated provisions, a secure position in respect of your work, which, however, never permits a foothold for the acquisition of wealth. 57. Wohl wird es erforderlich sein, dass du auch deinen Lebensunterhalt bestreiten kannst, weshalb es dir eigen sein muss, dass du durch geregelte Vorkehrungen in bezug auf deine Arbeit eine Sicherstellung hast, die jedoch niemals in einer Bereicherung fussen darf.

Again Sfath mentions Billy's past lives and that he has been a teacher of the Spirit, mentions Nokodemion and Henock (See "His Life" page).  His mission is mentioned here also when Sfath says "you stand in this life to teach the humans the truth of all truth" and this teaching of the truth is for freeing Earth Humans from religions and their false teachings so we do not destroy ourselves.  Semjase said the same thing in her first contact with Billy in the above excerpt "Contact Report 1" (56 - 60)

Billy is warned somewhat not to use the teachings to gain wealth but gain wealth through manual labor. 

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

65. You have come to teach oneness and unity, however not humility, subservience and bondage or enslaved servitude and fanaticism, and, however, also not disunity and dualism or trinity, as it is with certain religions. 65. Du bist gekommen, um die Einheit und Eintracht zu lehren, nicht jedoch Demut, Unterwürfigkeit und Knechtschaft oder Hörigkeit und Fanatismus, so aber auch nicht Zwiespältigkeit und Dualismus oder Trinität wie gewisse Religionen.
66. Oneness and unity bound with true love as well as with peace, genuine freedom and harmony, are not of a political nature, rather they are values that are only to be won through insight and through the recognition of the actual truth, and indeed without money and other kinds of wealth, without war, dispute, hate, force, bombs and weapons. 66. Die Einheit und Eintracht, verbunden mit wahrer Liebe sowie mit Frieden, echter Freiheit und Harmonie, sind nicht politischer Natur, sondern Werte, die nur durch Einsicht und durch die Erkennung der tatsächlichen Wahrheit zu gewinnen sind, und zwar ohne Geld und sonstigen Reichtum, ohne Krieg, Zwist, Hass, Gewalt, Bomben und Waffen.
67. You will produce an inexhaustible wellspring of knowledge, wisdom, love, freedom and peace as well as harmony. 67. Du wirst eine unerschöpfliche Quelle des Wissens, der Weisheit, der Liebe, der Freiheit und des Friedens sowie der Harmonie schaffen.
68. A wellspring from which all humans of all races and every faith, every skin color and every standing can be refreshed. 68. Eine Quelle, an der sich alle Menschen aller Rassen und jedes Glaubens, jeder Hautfarbe und jedes Standes erquicken können.

Here Sfath is speaking very wise words indeed.  He is teaching Billy that true love, peace and freedom is not of a political nature and should never be won by wars, hate, weapons, wealth and force.  So here we can see that Billy's mission of bringing the truth to Earth should never come about by these degenerate means.  Sfath also mentions Billy's mission that he (Billy) has come to teach oneness and unity and not enslaved servitude, dualism or trinity etc.  Billy's teachings are for everyone regardless of who they are.

---- We can see so far that Billy's mission is one of great responsibility in respect of teaching the truth wisely and truthfully.  Billy's mission should not involve war or any means of force to teach the truth.  The truth must be given to Earth Humans in respect of how much the Human can cope with.  The main reason for Billy's mission is to brake Humans here on Earth free from religions and religious false teachings which are ever more leading us to our own destruction from the corruption of the truth, namely Creation and the Creational Laws.  Billy is the Protector/Guardian of the Treasure, the Treasure is the Truth.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

89. But always be confident, because if you undeviatingly and consciously do your duty to your mission, live virtuously, preserve your modesty and honesty, and keep true love in its place in you, then, ultimately, all attacks of every kind will be configured for your use and success. 89. Doch sei stets getrost, denn wenn du unbeirrbar und bewusst deiner Mission obliegst, deinen Tugenden lebst, deine Bescheidenheit und Ehrlichkeit bewahrst und der wahren Liebe ihren Platz in dir bewahrst, dann werden sich alle Angriffe jeder Art in letzter Weise zu deinem Nutzen und Erfolg gestalten.
90. So it will come that all that is concocted against you negatively, deceitfully, murderously, slanderously, mendaciously, enviously and with theft in mind, constantly changes to progress and success for you and your mission. 90. So wird es kommen, dass all das gegen dich negativ, betrügerisch, mörderisch, verleumderisch, lügnerisch, diebisch und missgünstig Ausgeheckte sich für dich und deine Mission stetig zu Fortschritt und Erfolg wandelt.
91. Thereby your group, which will be built up from you, will grow as a nucleus just as will the outer grouping which will assume worldwide forms. 91. Dadurch wird deine von dir aufzubauende Gruppierung als Kern ebenso wachsen wie auch die äussere Gruppierung, die weltweite Formen annehmen wird.
92. In this respect also electronic and other technology will be helpful to you, because in the time to come everything in this regard will develop so rapidly that that which is new, meanwhile, will already become obsolete again within a few days. 92. Diesbezüglich wird dir auch die elektronische und sonstige Technik hilfreich sein, denn in kommender Zeit wird sich in dieser Hinsicht alles derart rasant entwickeln, dass das Neue jeweils bereits innerhalb weniger Tage wieder veraltet sein wird.
93. Thereby you will be able to disperse the teaching of the truth to the entire world, because the information will reach its destination within seconds 93. Dadurch wirst du die Lehre der Wahrheit in die ganze Welt verbreiten können, denn die Informationen werden in Sekundenschnelle ihre Zielorte erreichen.

Billy has had 21 attempts on his life and here Sfath tells Billy that these attacks will be configured for Billy's use and success, if Billy keeps true love inside of him.  FIGU was founded by Billy Meier to spread the teaching to the world.  The internet has played a big part in the mission of spreading the truth through websites, peoples personal blogs, videos, getting Billy's books and the translations of his teaching out to the world, etc.  In the words of Sfath he talks to Billy telling him that electronic and other technology will be help him and also Sfath talks about Billy's group.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

124. The teaching of the truth should, in the distant future, lead to the raising of the entire terrestrial humanity, and indeed thereby that every individual human, in his higher self, consciously recognizes his creational spirit and its characteristics, and also brings into effect the spiritual values in his outer being, in his personality. 124. Die lehre der Wahrheit soll in weiter Zukunft zur Erhöhung der ganzen irdischen Menschheit führen, und zwar dadurch, dass jeder einzelne Mensch in sich sein höheres Selbst, seinen schöpferischen Geist und dessen Wesenszüge bewusst erkennt und die geistigen Werte auch in seinem äusseren Wesen, in seiner Persönlichkeit, zur Geltung bringt.
125. Be told, however, that you must learn and practice tolerance so that you will not be partisan or unjust regarding religious beliefs of humans. 125. Dir sei jedoch gesagt, dass du Toleranz lernen und üben musst, um nicht in bezug auf den religiösen Glauben des Menschen parteiisch oder ungerecht zu sein.
126. Only that qualifies you to teach the humans in truthfulness, so that they, little by little, are able to free themselves from their dependency on lower powers. 126. Nur das befähigt dich, die Menschen in Wahrlichkeit zu belehren, damit sie sich nach und nach von ihrer Abhängigkeit niederer Kräfte zu befreien vermögen.
127. You must understand that. 127. Das musst du verstehen.

Billy is told here that he must not act unjust to people of religious belief.  There is here a view of the future regarding the mission and what it should do and that Billy should teach us Earth Humans in all truthfulness so that we can free ourselves from dependency of lower powers (Religion)

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

129. That qualifies you to carry the message of your mission, and thereby the teaching of the truth, out into the world. 129. Das befähigt dich, die Botschaft deiner Mission und damit die lehre der Wahrheit in die Welt hinaus zutragen.
130. And that should take effect some day still far in the future, so that the angst is worked out of the world and all humans will be without angst and fear, and indeed also in association with this, that one day the employment of weapons for war-related and murderous purposes, and so forth, will cease, and they will only still find utilization for work and self-defense purposes. 130. Und das soll dereinst in noch ferner Zukunft bewirken, dass die Angst aus der Welt geschafft wird und alle Menschen angst- und furchtlos werden, und zwar auch im Zusammenhang dessen, dass dereinst der Gebrauch der Waffen zu kriegerischen und mörderischen Zwecken usw. eingestellt wird und diese nur noch zu Arbeits- und Notwehrzwecken Verwendung finden.

Another "end result" so to speak of the mission is to slowly work fear and angst out of Humans and one day weapons and war will cease to exist.

Excerpt from "Sfath's Explanation" dated February 3rd, 1945, 12.10PM

145. You should now already know that the successor to my person, will, as of 1953, be a young woman from the DAL universe, where you will certainly be taken one time. 145. Die Nachfolgende für meine Person, das sollst du jetzt schon wissen, wird ab 1953 eine junge Frau aus dem DAL-Universum sein, wohin du mit Sicherheit einmal mitgenommen wirst.
146. The name of your contact person will be Asket. 146. Der Name deiner Begegnungsperson wird Asket sein.
147. She belongs to one of the branches of our peoples, from which others still occupy the Lyra and Vega systems, however shifted a split-second from this space-time plane just as is our space-time configuration in which our Plejaren systems exist. 147. Sie ist Angehörige eines unserer Verzweigungsvölker, von denen andere noch in den Lyra- und Wega systemen beheimatet sind, jedoch zu dieser Raum-Zeit-Ebene ebenso um einen Sekundenbruchteil verschoben wie auch unser Raum-Zeit-Gefüge, in dem unsere Plejarensysteme existieren.
148. The meetings with Asket and you will last 11 years, just as they will between you and me. 148. Die Begegnung mit Asket und dir wird ebenso 11 Jahre dauern, wie die zwischen dir und mir.
149. Thereafter you will be left alone for 11 years and must learn very much through your own initiative, after which then in the year 1975 a meeting connection with you will again be taken up, and indeed by my granddaughter Semjase as well as by my son Ptaah. 149. Danach wirst du 11 Jahre auf dich allein gestellt sein und in eigener Initiative sehr viel lernen müssen, wonach dann im Jahre 1975 wieder eine begegnende Verbindung mit dir aufgenommen wird, und zwar von meiner Enkelin Semjase sowie von meinem Sohn Ptaah.
150. They both, in addition to others, will then continuously be your future meeting companions. 150. Sie beide werden nebst anderen dann fortlaufend deine zukünftigen Begegnungsgefährten sein.
151. Semjase is a prospective Ischrisch and Ptaah is an Ischwisch. 151. Semjase ist eine angehende Ischrisch und Ptaah ein Ischwisch.
152. Also a man and prospective Ischwisch with the name Quetzal will be of importance for you as will also many others. 152. Auch ein Mann und angehender Ischwisch mit Namen Quetzal wird für dich von Wichtigkeit sein, wie auch viele andere.

Finally here Billy is told who some of the contact persons are.  He names Asket from the DAL Universe as another teacher and then Sfath's grand daughter Semjase.  Sfath also mentions that Semajse is a prospective Ischrisch (female term for King of Wisdom) and Ptaah his son also a prospective Ischwisch (male term for King of Wisdom).  For full meanings to these terms see pages under "Creation".

---- We have seen here a brief out look for the future of the mission, given to Billy by Sfath his first contact person and his teacher, to free us from wars and fear and religious false teaching, but this will only happen slowly.  The teachings of the mission are the teachings of truth about Creation, Creational Laws, Commandments for Humans, the knowledge of our Spirit, the correct use of the knowledge of the truth and a end result that we become true Human Beings that we are destined to be.


In Conclusion

From the evidence here the facts about Billy's mission is made clear.  It seems logical and accurate to what Billy has done in his life and his teachings are consistent to what was told here he should teach.  Billy has never made money from what he teaches.  His books cost money but the cost covers the production of the books them selves.  Never has his teachings been made in to a religion nor has he made any request that they should be or indeed anything be used for worship or ritual. Also Billy has never pushed the truth of his teachings by means of violence or any degenerate act.  The people at FIGU and others around him are there of their own freewill and do not claim they are part of any cult or religion.  From the facts I have found on this analysis of the mission I can only come to the conclusion that its the truth and real,  Eduard Albert Meier is Protector/Guardian of the Treasure, the Treasure is the Truth.