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Investigating the {Billy} Eduard Albert Meier case

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Who is Billy Meier


Eduard Albert Billy Meier is a over 70 year old Farmer living in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. Billy was born in Bulach, Switzerland in 1937 on February 3rd. February the 3rd is an interesting date as another important Man that lived 2000 years ago was also born on that date and has connections to Billy as I have investigated on the Jmmanuel section of this site. He comes from a relative normal family in respect that his family was not rich or a family that had much power on the Earth. His Father, Julius was a shoemaker and his mother was named Bertha.

Billy is the second born in a family of seven children. He received the name "Billy" when he was traveling and working in Tehran. He looked like Billy The Kid from the Wild Western movies and since then he has been widely known as Billy.

Today Billy is neither a member of a Political or Secret Service. He has not made money or profited from his experiences in he's life. He works on writing the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life and knowledge into books which are all in German with some translations into other languages. Billy speaks other languages as in English and Greek but he writes everything in German as he says is the best language for writing down everything just as it must be.

Billy is not a member of any religious group nor has he started any religion with what he teaches. Billy has however made friends with religious followers in different parts of the world and has been able to learn from his experiences with them. From my own point of view from looking at Billy through videos and what others who have been close to him and worked with him I would say this. He is a very intelligent man and has much to offer. He has never spoken in a racist manor or has never turned away any persons from what he teaches. He is a relative quiet man, very humble and loving.