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Human Beings who bully other Human Beings to try and get money from them, to get them to do something that the bullies want or just because someone has more knowledge, love, peace, freedom and harmony truly show their own dimwittedness, cowardice , low education, selfishness, lack of self responsibility and lack of empathy for their fellow Human Beings. Truly bullies should never be given into because their shameful deeds are not worthy of any following.

Bullies have various problems that they themselves must accept. These problems can be found in their evolution level, Brain damage from drugs or alcohol, poor education, attention seeking, insecurity, wanting to look big and clever in front of their friends, selfishness, cowardice, jealousy and not taking responsibility for their lives. First a bully must accept and come to terms with themselves that they have a problem and that their thoughts, feelings and actions are not in line with reality and are no way one iota how a so called intelligent Human Being should conduct themselves. Once a bully comes to terms with the fact they have a problem then self responsibility needs to be applied to try and correct the problem and overcome it. If a bully knows he or she has a problem and chooses to do nothing then the problem will exist for them and their lives will not be full of love and joyfulness but rather pain, hurt, fear and chaos in their world of thoughts.

Human beings who are on the receiving end of bullies and their ridiculous, sometimes laughable, shameful and illogical deeds should never give into their demands. If violence is threatened then the appropriate steps are to be taken, namely calling for police help, calling for help from a higher authority or calling for help from a good friend. However if this is not possible at the time then self defence should be applied to defend one's self. Never should a Human Being who is on the receiving end of bullies allow their own thoughts, feelings and actions to be manipulated and brought into angst or fear. A clear focus and knowing of the truth and knowing that a Human Being is a bully should be maintained and a wise awareness also. Giving a bully a reaction which they crave or are demanding will only allow for more bullying from them as they have got what they wanted and will think in their own egoism that they are above you, more worthy than you and have control over you.

Important Updates on Current World Events

There is truly no doubt we live in times of insane turmoil on planet earth. Human being's thinking has become degenerate, illogical, megalomaniacal, psychopathic and murderous. Syria, Ukraine,  European Union, Russia, United States, Terrorist Groups, Religious Fanatics, War Mongers and other nations are all playing their insane role at bringing fourth as much death, suffering, brain washing and chaos as they can possibly create.

The following is updates from Eduard Meier and Figu which are posted on Michael Horn's blog

The IS – Russia and the EU – Obama – Ebola


Also please read through Michael Horn's blog for information on other topics from Climate Change to the beginning of the fulfilment of the Henoch prophesies to a former member of NASA corroborating the authenticity of Eduard Meier and he's still on-going contacts with the Plejaren.

Why Does The Earth Human Being Not Think and See?

Human beings of earth why do you not think and see? In all countries you vote for human beings to rule over you, to threaten your lives with war and to exploit you. Just now at the time of writing this the world's biggest dictatorship called the European Union (EU) threatens your life with a possible war with Russia. For the facts on this please read Michael Horns article which contains information from Eduard Meier and the Plejaren HERE

Just to day also I was told that the EU will be bring in new laws that make it a criminal offence to sell Vacuum Cleaners above 750 watts and Hair Dryers that are of a high watts. This, as they claim, is to save the environment. Truly, this will not save the environment, not even close to it. If the human beings of earth want to truly stop the environmental destruction, the climate change and pollution then first and most importantly the human beings of earth must bring an end to the overpopulation, which has been said time and time again since the 1950's but has been ignored and fallen on dumb ears. Over 8.4 billion human beings live on this planet, which is slowly but continually being destroyed through the cause and effect of overpopulation. Making Vacuum Cleaners and Hair Dryers less powerful will do nothing to help the environment, including the idiotic laws of making persons pay for carrier bags at supermarkets and also energy saving light bulbs. Any energy that could be possible to save will be then used to power more homes to the extent that more power is needed than saved.

Why, human beings of earth, do you vote for human beings in governments who are truly only interested in power and gain? Here in England there is voting every 4 years for a new prime minister. Every 4 years they make promises they never keep, tell the people of England what they think they want to hear just to convince them to vote. Even now the British prime minister is behind the EU and threatens the British population with a possible war with Russia.

Governments, secret services and all groups and organisations are run and controlled by human beings, who are no more knowledgeable or wise at bringing love, peace, freedom and harmony than the persons they attack and fight and those who delusional follow them and vote for them. They cannot bring peace amongst themselves.

Politics, politicians and religion, religious fanatics are, in my opinion, the 2 most destructive and illogical idealogies on earth and serves only to hold the earth human being back, instead of bringing the earth human being to a future of true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

People and Their Phones - Have Proven Eduard Meier to be Right

Some may find it hard to accept, even I cannot truly understand the audacity, that for some years now different persons have taken it upon themselves to act in a devious and crafty way and to get on their phones and make phone calls to places I have and do work now, shops I go to and my family members. Why they think I need them to do this or why they think I will think any better of them for doing this I truly cannot comprehend. Why a person cannot bring themselves to phone me directly and have a conversation with me, if they have something to say, is something that is troubling. No good will ever come of this behaviour.

However something that these persons have done, without them even knowing, is to prove that in 1958 when Eduard Meier wrote a list of prophesies and predictions in a letter "To All Governements of Europe" on line 93 "while in only forty years even the simplest citizen will carry a pocket telephone around with him and would use it at every possible and impossible opportunity." that Eduard Meier was right. Persons use their phones to make phone calls at every possible and impossible opportunity.

So well done and congratulations on proving that Edaurd Meier was right and knew the future in 1953.



What does AMD, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Wave Systems have in common?

AMD, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Wave Systems are all members and promoters of Trusted Computing Group along with contributors of well known companies like American Megatrends, Canon, Dell, Huawei Technologies, Jetway, Nokia, NVidia, Phoenix, Scandisk, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, Toyota. Toshiba and Western Digital, to name a few. So what you might ask.

The Trusted Computing Group have developed a system called "Trusted Platform Module (TPM): Built-in Authentication" or TPM. The following is from their website.

To date, more than 500 million PCs have shipped with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), an embedded crypto capability that supports user, application, and machine authentication with a single solution. Enterprise systems from a variety of vendors, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and others, include the TPM, as do a new class of ultrabooks for both business and home use.
The TPM, a simple, yet revolutionary concept, ensures only authorized users and authorized PCs are on an enterprise network. It also acts as a secure vault for certificates, keys and passwords, negating the need for costly tokens.

So what you might ask again.

Microsoft explains what TPM is and does with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 and all newer versions of Windows. Basicly, with TPM there is a microchip on the computer motherboard, not all motherboards have these ... mine does not, which encrypts your whole hard disk partitions and stores the passwords on the microchip. Once you turn on your computer and it starts to boot into windows the passwords are read and the hard disks can be accessed.

From the article "Don't use Windows 8 due to risk of 'back doors', warns German government"

The German government has recommended that Federal Administration and other high profile public sector departments in the country do not use Windows 8 because, it warns, it contains security backdoors that cannot be controlled or trusted, and that may be easily accessible by the NSA.
The warnings are present in leaked documents obtained by German daily newspaper Zeit.de:
Due to the loss of full sovereignty over the information technology, the security objectives of 'confidentiality' and 'integrity' can no longer be guaranteed.
"This can have significant consequences on the IT security of the Federal Administration," the documents say.
The focus of the security concerns is the Trusted Computing technology standard, which has been in existence for more than a decade. It was developed by major US hardware and software manufacturers, including Intel, HP, AMD, Dell and Microsoft.The German government's documents allege that the group's core hardware element - a chip called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which appears in hardware built by Trusted Computing Group companies - interfaces directly with Windows 8 and enables Microsoft remote, unfettered access to any computer on which the operating system runs.
The leaked document is dated from early 2012 - pre-dating the release of Windows 8 - and explains how IT experts at the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) made these supposed discoveries.
They claim that they found out that the TPM chip's digital rights management (DRM) capabilities can decide which software on a computer can be enabled or disabled, and is fully remotely controlled by Microsoft.
The TPM 2.0 hardware interface - launched in late 2011 - is activated by default when a computer boots, and cannot be turned off.
The German government fears that access to these backdoor systems could easily be passed to the National Security Agency, the US spying agency, and its so-called Prism group, which is known to be involved in secretly recording internet data, such as emails and voice calls.
The scope of its activities were exposed when whistleblower Edward Snowden last month leaked several thousand documents to The Guardian newspaper.
The German government warns that use of Windows 8 - with such a believed risk from TPM - is "unacceptable for the Federal Administration and for operators of critical infrastructure".
It calls Windows 8 "already" unusable because of TPM 2.0, but that Windows 7 can be "operated safely until 2020".
Finally, the documents complain that German companies tried to get involved in the formation of TPM 2.0's standard, but were snubbed by the hardware companies involved.
However, the document asserts that the NSA was involved and enjoyed an influential role.
Shortly after Snowden sought refuge in Russia, the Russian government revealed that it was dumping all its PCs for sensitive work - and using typewriters instead.

 Of course, I cannot prove or disprove the information above. However on January 15th, 2007, 11:17 pm Eduard Meier had a contact (440) with Ptaah whereby the following was discussed

Billy Billy
Some time ago - if I may ask yet another question - you said that US secret services manipulate the Internet and the computer world - which I have also suggested in a bulletin about the CIA, whereby Microsoft is also embroiled in it with the Windows system. Can you tell me which US secret service is therein embroiled with Microsoft, along with the CIA, if it is also involved with that? Vor einiger Zeit - wenn ich nochmals eine Frage stellen darf - hast du gesagt, dass US-Geheimdienste das Internet und die Computerwelt manipulieren - was ich auch in einem Bulletin über die CIA angedeutet habe, wobei auch Microsoft mit dem Windows-System darin verwickelt sei -, kannst du mir sagen, welcher US-Geheimdienst bei Microsoft darin verwickelt ist, eben nebst der CIA, wenn diese auch daran beteiligt ist?
Ptaah Ptaah
The Windows-program system is manipulated through the US secret service, NSA, respectively, through the National Security Agency, as well as through other secret services. Das Windows-Programm-System ist manipuliert durch den US-Geheimdienst NSA resp. durch die National Security Agency sowie durch andere Geheimdienste.
The manipulation enables the secret services to penetrate into any computer, unrecognized and according to their desire, in order to pull out data or, unrecognized, to carry out alterations and falsifications of the existing data. Die Manipulation ermöglicht es den Geheimdiensten, unerkannt und nach Belieben in jeden Computer einzudringen, darin Daten herauszuholen oder unerkannt Änderungen und Fälschungen an den bestehenden Daten vorzunehmen.

So we have Eduard and Ptaah discussing how the NSA can penetrate into any computer and we have the information regarding TPM and Windows Operating Systems. I have my own opinion on this along with some critical thinking. A microchip designed by the aforementioned companies, which purpose is to store passwords and ecryption details and encrypt a system hard disk partition. A so called "back door" into this microchip could be used to then read passwords and then gain access to the entire contents of the hard disk partition, without the user, owner of the computer knowing.


Masters of Deceiving

In my experience many human beings that I have met in my life have been genuine and kind, loving towards me and their fellow human beings. Not without error as only a human being can be.  However the earth human being has mastered the art of deceiving, egoism, self-aggrandizing, know-it-all-ism and placing oneself above fellow human beings in their own delusion of their thoughts of self-greatness.

Eduard Meier nailed this on the head with the following text Victors and Losers

For me it has become more and more noticeable how the earth human would trample on anyone to feed their delusional impoverished consciousness to gain the upper hand at the expense of another human being. Even when they actually and truly need that human being to be able to promote themselves.

The lack of understanding of the spiritual teaching and one's own inner self, inner knowledge of oneself blinds the human being who carries on in a megalomania placing themselves above Creation, which they can never be and never truly be above their fellow human beings. Each human being is equal to every other human being. First a human being is a human being and must be respected and treated like a human being. Not as a pawn in a game of chess to better oneself at the expense of sacrificing the pawn for a victory, which truly is a loss.

Breaking News - Second DNA Code Discovered

At the coming of the end of year 2013, thoughts about the increased human population numbers, the worsening weather and increased poverty there doesn't seem to be much to look back on 2013 with any real thoughts and feelings of joy and happiness. This year has seen, amongst many other things, the fastest recorded inland winds ever to be recorded during a hurricane. Japan saw its first ever Tornado and England saw its highest ever tidal waters ever to be recorded. While the environment, weather system and quality of life degenerates there has been at least one scientific break through which through the law of cause and affect brings about a possitive future in respeact of human understand of health, the human body and also correcting our degenerate gene given to us by the Creator-Overlords.

Second DNA code: Stunned scientists find 'duons' that control health, diseases

"""" A second DNA code, called "duons," recently discovered by researchers shows that within the first DNA code there is a second DNA code that makes sense of health and diseases. "Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, scientists have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins," reported Bioscience Technology on Dec. 13, 2013.

"For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made," said Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos.

However, a new research study has now discovered that DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), which is present in the cells of all humans and most other living organisms, is not only used to write information about proteins but that it has a second set of instructions, a second DNA code, that cells use to control genes.

Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos is the University of Washington associate professor of genome sciences and of medicine. He is the leader of the research team that discovered the second DNA code. The team's findings was published in the Dec. 13 issue of Science and was part of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project, also known as ENCODE.

For biology enthusiasts, the abstract provided by Science reads:

"Genomes contain both a genetic code specifying amino acids and a regulatory code specifying transcription factor (TF) recognition sequences. We used genomic deoxyribonuclease I footprinting to map nucleotide resolution TF occupancy across the human exome in 81 diverse cell types. We found that ~15% of human codons are dual-use codons ('duons') that simultaneously specify both amino acids and TF recognition sites. Duons are highly conserved and have shaped protein evolution, and TF-imposed constraint appears to be a major driver of codon usage bias. Conversely, the regulatory code has been selectively depleted of TFs that recognize stop codons. More than 17% of single-nucleotide variants within duons directly alter TF binding. Pervasive dual encoding of amino acid and regulatory information appears to be a fundamental feature of genome evolution."

For non-enthusiasts, the key sentence in the above abstract is "we found that ~15% of human codons are dual-use codons ('duons') that simultaneously specify both amino acids and TF recognition sites."

Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, researchers thought that the DNA code was used exclusively to write information about proteins. The genetic code, which uses a 64-letter alphabet, was called codons.

Now Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos's team discovered that about 15% of those codons have in fact two functions and called them "dual-use codons" or "duons."

The discovery of the second DNA code, or better second-function DNA code called "duons", is stunning scientists not only because they have missed it so far but also because "duons" instruct cells on how genes are controlled.

"Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture," said Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos.

"UW scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages. One describes how proteins are made, and the other instructs the cell on how genes are controlled. One language is written on top of the other, which is why the second language remained hidden for so long."

Having discovered the second DNA code, or "duons," opens a new door for scientists to look at how genes are controlled. In regard to health and diseases, this is a ground-breaking discovery that can lead to new ways to treat patients.

About the significance of the discovery of the second DNA code, or "duons," Dr. John Stamatoyannopoulos commented that "the finding could have a significant impact on how scientists and doctors interpret a patient's genetic code and lead to new ways to diagnose and treat health problems." """"

Great news, but not new news. In 1995 on Eduard Meiers birthday, 3rd February, Eduard Meier had a contact with Plejaren Srut Ptaah. The contact was 251 and one of many many topics that arose from Eduards Meier's contact with Ptaah was the following excerpt

"""" Additionally, in the distant days ahead, the discovery of a new and very significant substance is foretold; one that will benefit Man greatly - as long as he is able to utilize it to his own benefit. This entire scenario transpires at a time when a new order exists on Earth that satisfies, in an inexpensive manner, all needs of Man. New, overall-like suits for humans will be invented and produced that will enable Man to fly through the air freely without aid from any other devices. Barely three decades prior to this event, however, a third DNA information code will be discovered in the human body, and the first concrete steps will be undertaken to eliminate diseases in the elderly, heart diseases and attrition. After approximately 25 years, these efforts will prove successful. Simultaneously, once the appropriate steps are taken, the feasibility of a classless society, as well as technologically-biological prerequisites, will emerge that deal with the worldwide cleanup of the polluted rivers, lakes and oceans. This praiseworthy progress will be negated, however, by an extremely negative invention in form of a biological weapon; it will wreak tremendous havoc and induce instant aging in humans and animals (in seconds). Shortly thereafter the period of "nocturnal dawning" comes into existence, as stated in another prediction. This "nocturnal dawning" will be a new technological achievement whereby the dark side of planet Earth is illuminated by an artificial sun affixed to a space station; this device will not create full daylight, but a bright, dawnlike condition. """"

From the above excerpt the understanding that not only a second DNA code is present within the human being but a third also exists and will be discovered by earth scientist in the future. Like with most predictions and prophesies given to the earth human being from the Plejaren and Eduard Meier there are no dates given. For this reason fear and the interuption of certain events cannot take place. Also from the above excerpt the understanding can arise that the future holds both nagative and positive events for the earth human being.

Contact 251 - http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_251

The Extent of Lies and Deceit

Many people round the earth often ask why don’t visitors to earth just land and say hello and greet us. This is a fair question and by no means should be looked upon as a ridiculous question to ask. We are certainly not the only life in the universe.

One reason, there are many, is the amount of lying and deceit played out amongst the earth humans. Recently it has come to my attention of the following example which has played out.

2 persons working in the same department in the same company. For the sake of this text I will call them Bill and Ben. A further 1 person is need and a job was advertised for the position. The interviews arose and Bill and Ben were invited to meet the persons who took the time and effort to apply for the job position and come into the company for a day. The reason was given to Bill and Ben that this is an opportunity to meet the persons wanting a job and to find out which they thought was right for the job and who they feel they could work with.

This was done and both Bill and Ben agreed on 2 persons which they though had the right qualifications, attitude, experience and knew what they was talking about, further seemed to be genuine and could be worked with. Therefore these persons were put forward as the 2 which best fitted the job.

However, weeks before hand another person who worked in the same company in a different department was secretly conspiring with certain managers to get the job but kept this to themselves. Lacking in the knowledge and experience of the 2 put forward by Bill and Ben this person was given the job. Whatever the reason to give this person the job clearly is not based on honesty and professionalism.

The lies and deceit here is the fact that not only was Bill and Ben lied to and had their time wasted but also the persons who came into the company to try and get the job position. This is of course denied by the managers and the person who got the job, naturally further lies and deceit to cover up original lies and deceit. The managers and the person given the job have made their bed and must now lay in it and deal with the effects caused by their thoughts, feeling and actions and take responsibility for it.

Now any human being who has overcome this type of behaviour thousands of years ago, who not only treat each human being with respect and equality and who have had no wars for thousands of years but also know what each other is thinking due to their high level of conscious related evolution. Why would they need to come and say hello to the earth humans who treat each other with such ignorance, hate, deceit and who kill each other. What could any visitor to the earth gain from the earth humans at this time?

My answer is that they cannot gain anything which would benefit them but only bring their thoughts and feelings into possible chaos.

Pope - Henoch Prophesy Update

Today 13/03/2013 a new pope has been elected. Jorge Bergoglio will be known as Pope Francis. Different name from the Henoch prophesy

The following can arise from this.

1, Those within the Vatican are well aware of Eduard Meier and the prophesies. In an attempt to either change the prophesy or to prove Eduard Meier as a fraud the new pope's name has been changed.

2, The prophesy itself has changed. Prophesies are always changeable and are not set in stone. The outcome is based on what human beings thinking and actions.

3, Jorge Bergoglio is indeed the last pope and the names given in the Henoch prophesies are symbolic and the Rock of Rome, Peter (from the Bible as one of the disciples of the fictitious Jesus), is meant.

4, Interesting is the new popes back ground. He is part of a doctrinal conservative movement and a Jesuit priest and his boss was a "Pedro" as General of the Jesuits. The "rock" perhaps is meant as a symbolic way as a missionary conservative. Jorge Bergoglio has somewhat all the factors to be the person mentioned in the prophesies but the one difference is the name. Whether the names are meant symbolically or have been changed

Time will tell whether or not certain things unfold.

Will update this blog as things become more known.