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Human Beings who bully other Human Beings to try and get money from them, to get them to do something that the bullies want or just because someone has more knowledge, love, peace, freedom and harmony truly show their own dimwittedness, cowardice , low education, selfishness, lack of self responsibility and lack of empathy for their fellow Human Beings. Truly bullies should never be given into because their shameful deeds are not worthy of any following.

Bullies have various problems that they themselves must accept. These problems can be found in their evolution level, Brain damage from drugs or alcohol, poor education, attention seeking, insecurity, wanting to look big and clever in front of their friends, selfishness, cowardice, jealousy and not taking responsibility for their lives. First a bully must accept and come to terms with themselves that they have a problem and that their thoughts, feelings and actions are not in line with reality and are no way one iota how a so called intelligent Human Being should conduct themselves. Once a bully comes to terms with the fact they have a problem then self responsibility needs to be applied to try and correct the problem and overcome it. If a bully knows he or she has a problem and chooses to do nothing then the problem will exist for them and their lives will not be full of love and joyfulness but rather pain, hurt, fear and chaos in their world of thoughts.

Human beings who are on the receiving end of bullies and their ridiculous, sometimes laughable, shameful and illogical deeds should never give into their demands. If violence is threatened then the appropriate steps are to be taken, namely calling for police help, calling for help from a higher authority or calling for help from a good friend. However if this is not possible at the time then self defence should be applied to defend one's self. Never should a Human Being who is on the receiving end of bullies allow their own thoughts, feelings and actions to be manipulated and brought into angst or fear. A clear focus and knowing of the truth and knowing that a Human Being is a bully should be maintained and a wise awareness also. Giving a bully a reaction which they crave or are demanding will only allow for more bullying from them as they have got what they wanted and will think in their own egoism that they are above you, more worthy than you and have control over you.