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Removed false information from "Introduction into Incarnation and Reincarnation of the Spirit-form" under My Docs - 05/09/2017

Added page "The Truth from an Absolute Reliable Source" under My Documents - 12/11/2015

Added page "Standardizing, Stereotyping of the Human Being" under My Documents - 18/08/2015

Added page "Giving Meaning to Life" under Earth - 24/03/2015

Added page "Human Beings Who Attack Others" under My Documents - 04/12/2014

Added Page "Human to Human Values" under My Documents - 16/10/2014

Added link "Love" under Creation - 28/07/2014

Added new Video "Beamship - The Movie Footage" under Videos - 21/07/2014

Added Page "Once again - Overpopulation" under Earth - 29/06/2014

Added Link "The Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ)" under Jmmanuel - Added page "Noah - Noahkadnosser" under Earth - 23/04/2014

New revised and corrected English translation release of the "Goblet of Truth" now available 31/03/2014

Contact Form now working 30/03/2014

Updated Page "Videos" 24/02/2014

Updated Page "Videos" 14/11/2013

Added Page "A Word From Me" under My Docs - 21/06/2013

Updated page "Goblet of Truth"  with an announcement from Figu - 06/06/2013

Added Page "BEING-Absolute Absolutum" under Creation - 28/05/2013

Added Page "Overpopulation Videos" under Earth - 22/04/2013 - This page will have more updates

Added Document "Concentration Exercises" under Earth - 17/03/2012

Added Document "What all Human Beings of Earth should know! " under Earth - 06/03/2013

Added Page "2012 - Mayan Calendar" under Earth - 23/11/2012 

Updated Page "Introduction into Incarnation and Reincarnation of the Spirit-form" under My Docs - 24/09/2012

Updated page "Goblet of Truth" to allow web viewing throught a web browser of the documents - 13/08/2012

Added Document "Time Here and Time in the Beyond" under My Docs - 23/07/201

Important update on a fatal error

In a recently published figu bulletin No77 a fatal error in the time figures for the evolution of the Spirit-form is explained. The reason for this error is that the spirit symbol for billion and million is simular and Billy, being a human being, also with a tremendous task which has lasted all his life, made an error. After further work by Billy the correct figures have now been published. Therefore the page "Introduction into Incarnation and Reincarnation of the Spirit-form" has been taken down from this website. Once I clearly understand the new figures and information and have clarification a revised version with be published on this site.