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Why Earth Humans Need a True Prophet

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Why do Earth Humans need a true prophet? What is it that Earth Humans do not know, do not understand or do not need? What can a true prophet teach us, warn us about or guide us with?


When looking at Earth Humans it is clear that you are living in confusion, distrust, greed and self importance. Many Earth Humans live for the material things and dedicate their lives solely for the purpose of money, personal gain and social status. Many Earth Humans live for power attained through suppression, wars, lying and greed. There has only been a mere 250 years during the last 1000 years where no wars raged on Earth at the hands of madmen in their quest for power, land, profits, slavery and suppression. Lacking the knowledge of ones self and the knowledge of true human values of life they have trampled on all that is good for their own self interests.

Earth history is plagued with wars, false prophets, religious suffering, power and control. Persons have appeared who have claimed to be prophets, saviours and even to the extent that they are god or the creator. To claim such status among human beings who are of equal value to them selves is in the only interest of the person who is making the claims. Through out Earth history leaders, religious leaders, guru's, saviours, false prophets and self acclaimed gods have used power, war, greed, suppression and slavery to get what they want. Lacking compassion for their fellow human beings and their own self responsibility.

When one looks at the Earth Humans today with open eyes one can clearly see you are suffering from many an illness. War is all over your propaganda media, newspapers, internet. The west blames the east, the east blames the west. Overpopulation is rampant with only a very few humans taking responsibility for bringing awareness to the almost 8 billions humans that now exist on the small planet called Earth. Truly the Earth is only capable of sustaining 1 billion humans at most. This means that there exists today 7 billion humans to many.

The irresponsibility of Earth humans holds no bounds, religions, wars, lovelessness, selfishness, greed, greed for power over other Earth Humans, irresponsibility towards nature, the environment and indeed the land under your own feet, lack of knowledge about life itself, overpopulation and so on.

In the beginning of the third millennium the true spiritual persons, who are moving towards living their lives in accordance to Creation and Creational laws and recommendations, are push down and aside from society and treated as different, stupid and even attacked to the extent of death. Truly the wise ones amongst the Earth Humans are not heard or treated fairly for their love, knowledge and helping hand to bring to the Earth Humans truth, knowledge and wisdom on how to live your lives toward true conscious related evolution and about life and the Creation.

For the past 73 years a true prophet has been living amongst you and most of you do not even know it. His help, knowledge and wisdom has been kept from you by the persons you glorify and vote into power, the person you sit and watch on your televisions, namely media and news stations and by religious leaders. You do not know that for the past 73 years a man who now has reincarnated a 7th and final time as a true prophet to fore fill a mission has been trying to help you, teach you and warn you. Those of you who have been presented and shown the true prophet and who do not learn from his help, knowledge and warnings and those of you who attacked, withhold and defame the true prophet are truly being dishonourable to your fellow human beings and yourselves for you all need the teaching from the true prophet.

Eduard Albert Meier, a human being incarnated on Earth is truly a true prophet. He demands no worship, glamorous fame or religious cults be made from the teaching he brings. For decades since he was a boy of 14 he has been warning you Earth Humans about what will happen in the future in regard to wars, religious false teaching namely delusional worship in a god or saviour, overpopulation resulting in global disasters of Earthquakes, starvation, wars, hatred, climate change, worsening storms, floods, destruction of the environment, corruption, criminality and so on. Eduard Albert Meier's mission is to bring the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life to Earth Humans. This mission has spanned 11318 years and also further back in old times here on Earth as Henok and also as Nokodemion 96 billion years ago in the Lyrian Star System.

The same incarnating Spirit-Form was present in Nokodemion and the seven true prophets of Earth, namely Henoch 9308 B.C. Elia 891 B.C Jesaia 772 B.C Jeremia 662 B.C. Jmmanuel 002 A.D. Mohammed 571 A.D and today as Eduard Albert Meier 1937 A.D. Each true prophet incarnation the true prophet was guided and helped by human beings from other planets in our Dern universe, the 4th belt of Creation.

Each true prophet brought to the Earth Humans love, knowledge and wisdom of life, Creation, reincarnation but each time this knowledge and wisdom was corrupted by irresponsible ones in positions of power and positions of religious guru's and leaders. Now the mission will be fore filled as the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life cannot be corrupted due to electronic technology which spreads the teaching throughout the world which then is possible to be printed and kept.

Why do Earth Humans need a true prophet? What is it that Earth Humans do not know, do not understand or do not need? What can a true prophet teach us, warn us about or guide us with?

Earth Humans are at a point whereby they are destroying themselves through overpopulation, wars, religious wars, irresponsibility, destruction of your planet and lunacy. You are killing yourselves and your planet. You have no knowledge of true life, love, Creation and your purpose of being. The true prophet has once again brought you prophetic warnings of what will happen to all of you if you do not change your ways in regard to your irresponsibly climbing human numbers, wars, greed, power hunger, lovelessness, religious false teaching, lack of self responsability and so on. The true prophet has once again brought you the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life for you to learn and understand for your own well being and consciousness related evolution. At a time where Earth Humans need it most.

This is why Earth Humans need a true prophet. This is what is it that Earth Humans do not know. This is what can a true prophet teach us, warn us about or guide us with.

But you do not listen to the true prophet, take his prophetic warnings seriously, take the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life as truth but disregard those who bring this to you. You think you know best and that you are ruler over the Earth. But how can you know what is best when everyday you destroy your own lives and the Earth.

You are in need of the Teaching of Truth, Teaching of Spirit, Teaching of Life and prophetic warnings for your survival and the survival of Earth. You need a true prophet as this is a Law of Creation, a prophet shall incarnate on a planet that has less evolved humans in order to teach the truth, guide and show them the paths to Creation, well being and true love for all life.


By Stephen Moore 16/06/2010