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Oil, Money and War - Another Henoch Prophesy Being Fulfilled?

While it does not give me any pleasure with writing about the negative but changeable problems the Earth Human creates it somewhat gives me an inner peace to know that perhaps I am doing something towards possibly stopping or making persons aware of these problems or bring about love, peace, freedom and harmony within the framework of the Creational Laws and Recommendations. Lets face facts, governments, the corporate/government owned media, religious leaders, big corporations and so on do everything in their power to hush up the words and advice from anyone who is more wiser and more knowledgeable then themselves. In this case its the true prophets that have given the Earth Human warnings about what will happen if the path of Earth humanity continues on its current path. With this self created delusion the so called powers that be do nothing to help the Earth Human move towards a path of love, peace, freedom and harmony. In reality they move the Earth Human on a path of death and destruction. Every day the Earth Human is bombarded with politicians, through the media, talking about those little worthless pieces of paper, money. Why do I say worthless you may ask? When a Human Being can look at money for what it really is then you perhaps would come to a realisation that money is just a piece of paper with some print on it. Through the materialistic thoughts and feelings of the Earth Human this piece of paper is given a value. The value given to this piece of paper varies from human to human as can clearly be seen when observing the Earth Human.

While the Earth Human is in a state of falling into the abyss, hopelessly and helplessly watching and believing politicians, media reports, religious leaders and wasting hours glued in front of a television watching mindless, senseless entertainment and so on, there is much more going on then the woos of money and finance and all that is reported. Of course you will not hear about these events and the information which is vital to our own survival from the prophets and prophesies. The politicians, corporations, media and religious leaders hide the vital information from the Earth Human so that they, the politicians and so on, can carry on business as usual. Raking in the wealth, subduing the Earth Human with nonsense and worries of money instead of being responsible. Another reason why those in positions of power do not tell anyone about the vital information is that on one hand they are to blame for the problems they are hiding. On the other hand it is the rest of the Earth Humans who vote for the Human Being of their choice to rule over them and while supporting them they are also responsible for not taking action against any person who has the responsibility of the well being of their respective populations. Mindlessly and hopelessly believing what they are told by politicians, the media, religious leaders and preachers and so on.

There are many problems on Earth from the use of Nuclear PowerStation's "Contact Report 516 dated Monday, 14th March, 2011", that have and will continue to leak toxic radiation across the Earth, to overpopulation, to over consumption, greed, environment destruction and the list is manifold. Fortunately the Earth Human's have been given a view into the future and a chance to change their thoughts and feelings toward love, peace, freedom and harmony whereby the warmongering, ignorant, selfish, self importance above other Human Beings, greedy, lying, deceitfulness traits of the Earth Human no longer exist. One of these warnings was foretold by the prophet Henoch, Born Feb. 3, 9308 BC and lived for 366 years. The following is one of many prophesies Henoch gave to the Earth Human.

Excerpt from 215th Contact Report "The Henoch Prophesies" dated February 28, 1987, 2.09 am

But death, destruction and annihilation will not only rage in Europe but also in America, where much suffering will have to be endured and many deaths as well as destruction and annihilation will be. America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict. The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada.
This conflict will result in mass killings of human beings as well as devastating destruction, annihilation and epidemics, etc., which mankind of Earth will never have seen and experienced up to that time. Not only nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will be used en masse, but also enormously deadly systems of computer-controlled weapons that are only in the beginning stages of development today, or will be invented and constructed during the third millennium.

English translation of contact 215 "The Henoch Prophesies" can be found HERE

At first glance at this the question of thought should arise - how could a man who lived 9308 BC know anything about the countries America, Russia and Canada? A good question indeed considering these countries never existed in the year 9308 BC.

A part of this prophesy has already been fulfilled. "America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal". This is no secret as these weapons have been in development and in some cases used already, Hiroshima 1945 is one example.

Following regarding Russia (highlighted important points)

Excerpt from timesonline.co.uk "Russia sends troops to frozen north to claim Arctic resources"dated March 28, 2009

Russia signalled its determination to win the race for the Arctic's mineral wealth yesterday by announcing plans to establish military bases along its northern coastline.
A new national security strategy includes plans to create army units in Russia's Arctic region to "guarantee military security in different military-political situations".
The strategy, approved by President Medvedev, declares the Arctic to be Russia's most important arena for "international and military security" in its relations with other countries.
A coastguard unit of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB, is planned to advance Russia's policy in the region. The strategy calls for the creation of an intelligence network to provide "effective control of economic, military, (and) ecological activity" in the Arctic.

Full article "Russia sends troops to frozen north to claim Arctic resources" can be found HERE

Excerpt from alaskadispatch.com "Russia moves to bolster Arctic military presence" dated Sep 28, 2011

Just days after Gen. Walt Natynczyk, Canada's chief of defence staff, left Moscow after meeting his counterpart last weekend, a Russian official announced that the country would be increasing its Arctic military presence, a move that could increase tensions in the resource-rich area.
Anton Vasilev, a special ambassador for Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was quoted this week by the Interfax news agency as saying his country would be beefing up its presence in the Arctic, and that NATO was not welcome there.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was in Iceland this week meeting with the country's leaders, with the Arctic being at the top of the agenda, local media reported. Putin, according to the Moscow Times, then announced that Russia would be ordering three nuclear and six diesel icebreakers to be delivered by 2020, with the goal of expanding transportation in the Arctic.
In July, Russia said it would create two specialist brigades to be based in the Arctic. It's not known if the latest announcement is tied to that declaration or if additional forces will be moved to the region. A brigade can typically contain up to a thousand soldiers.

Full article "Russia moves to bolster Arctic military presence" can be found HERE

From the two articles above it is clear that Russia has planned and now moved in its military into the Arctic stating that NATO is not welcome, in which Russia is a member of NATO. If we go back to the Henoch Prophesies we read "will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict. The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada."

Following regarding Canada (highlighted important points)

Excerpt from canadacom "The Canadian Forces in the North" dated 17 August 2009

In its Northern Strategy, the Government of Canada has committed to a "real, growing, and long-term presence in its Arctic region." With the Arctic's potentially vast reserves of fossil fuels, abundance of minerals, gold, and diamonds, and potential for shorter shipping routes as the Arctic ice cap melts away in the face of global warming, this once less accessible land is drawing increasing national and international attention. The Canada First Defence Strategy calls for the Canadian Forces (CF) to have the capacity to conduct daily domestic and continental operations, including in the Arctic. The 2007 Speech from the Throne expressed the Government's intention to bring forward an integrated Northern Strategy. The CF are contributing to this Northern Strategy in numerous ways, particularly the commitment to "vigorously protect Canada's Arctic sovereignty." Effective stewardship of the North can only be achieved through productive partnerships between federal and territorial departments and agencies, and the peoples of the North. The CF have committed to working closely with these partners, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada at the federal level.
The Canadian Arctic begins at the 60th parallel and includes the entire Arctic Archipelago, which reaches as far north as the Lincoln Sea in the east. Within the North lies the Arctic Circle, just north of the 66th parallel (66º 33' 39"). The Circle marks the point at which there is no sun for at least one 24-hour day per year, and is sometimes used to distinguish the "Arctic" from the "North." Eight nations stretch beyond the Arctic Circle: Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, and the United States. Comprising 40 per cent of Canada's landmass and more than 19,000 islands in the Arctic Archipelago, Canada's North has an estimated population of 108,000 inhabitants.
As the Arctic ice melts away, Canada's internal waters are becoming more navigable throughout the year. Free of ice, an Arctic voyage through Canadian waters could cut some 7,000 kilometres off the traditional shipping route between certain ports in Europe, Asia, and the east and west coasts of North America. Along with the movement of goods, tourism is expected to grow, especially from cruise ship travel in the near term. In 2003, seven cruise ships operated in Canadian Arctic waters; by 2008, this number had increased to 15. Air traffic is also increasing-annually some 115,000 commercial flights now transit the Canadian Arctic.
As a consequence of the increase in maritime and air traffic, and the escalating exploration of natural resources, there is a potentially greater risk of criminal activity, illegal entry of people and goods, human and drug smuggling, and foreign military activities. Environmental concerns and search and rescue needs might also increase. While other government departments and agencies, such as the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), remain responsible for dealing with most security issues in the North, the Canadian Forces have a significant role to play in supporting them, exercising our sovereignty and providing assistance to our citizens.

Full article "The Canadian Forces in the North" can be found HERE

Excerpt from journal.dnd.ca "TOWARDS A CANADIAN FORCES ARCTIC OPERATING CONCEPT" dated 25/1/2011

Security Threats
The possibility of foreign military activity resulting from territorial claims or the possibility of a terrorist attack or attacks resulting from perceived grievances by disenfranchised groups.


From the two articles above it is clear that Canada will fight against any military attacks from another country in the Arctic region.

At this time 2011 Russia has moved its military into the Arctic claiming the Arctic is theirs and Canada is ready to defend any attacks or claims against the Arctic which they claim is theirs. Clearly the foundation for the fulfilment of the aforementioned prophesy is being played out. The race to destroy the Arctic for wealth, oil, minerals is now coming into play. This regardless that oil and mining contributes the destruction of a planet, disrupts the Tectonic Plates to the extent that Earthquakes become more regular and more powerful in their nature.

So while the Earth Human is busy idolising politicians, religious leaders, celebrities and being daily brainwashed by television the persons who have the responsibility to protect the environment and the well being of their respective populations are quietly leading the Earth Humans down the path of war and destruction, all for that substance oil and that piece of paper, money. Each Human Being on Earth has the responsibility for the well being of their planet and each other, and for the persons they vote for and allow to have the power to make decisions which effect the populations and environments of the world.

The question of when will the Earth Human truly grow up and wake up and take responsibility for what they do and what they cause to take effect.  Prophesies do not have to be fulfilled, they can be changed and even stopped but it means the changing of ones thoughts and feelings toward love, peace, freedom and harmony. War, greed, selfishness, lovelessness toward eathother and the planet you live on is not the correct way and will lead to the path of the deep abyss.

By Stephen Moore - 10/10/2011